What’s Wrong with Feedback?

Feedback seems to be everywhere in modern society except in the places where it actually matters.

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What’s Wrong with Feedback at Work?

These days, few companies are serious about encouraging ongoing feedback. If you think otherwise, consider yourself lucky. According to Gallup, “21% of millennials and 18% of non-millennials meet with their manager on a weekly basis. The majority of employees say they meet with their manager as infrequently as less than once a month (56% of millennials and 53% of non-millennials).”

What’s Wrong with Citizen Feedback?

You wouldn’t hear it much on the news, but studies have found that the average U.S. citizen has little to no impact on public policy. Perhaps this explains why 42% of U.S. voters stayed home during the 2016 elections.

Feedback as a Revolutionary Force

The premise of democracy — that we get to participate in the decisions that affect our lives — has been stamped into our minds since we were little. Yet, where it matters the most, feedback is often suppressed and ignored. Now more than ever, people are acknowledging the ridiculousness of annual performance reviews and the futility of elections determined by money.

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